LIGHT: Changing the Way We Consume Art.

About the Event

The current event for which students are entering their work is to be held March 28th through May 4th, 2014, at Hraben House / 3R Gallery in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and will coincide with the Ft. Wayne Gallery Walk on April 11.

The exhibit is entitled:

LIGHT: Changing the Way We Consume Art.

A total of 25 artists will be selected, each represented by 2 canvases in the show. Both images will be displayed on a huge 52″ ultra high-def monitor, and one canvas by each artist will be printed and displayed in the gallery itself.

The deadline for entries for this event has been reached and no more canvases will be accepted.

The images selected for the event will be displayed (and made available for sale) at this site:

For future exhibits, we will have each artist send in one actual print or canvas for display in the gallery. (Ideally a signed and numbered print, and perhaps even some cool mixed-media pieces eventually.) These would be sold at the gallery for a higher price, while the website will be in place to help everyone sell more prints and canvases during and after the event.

The site above should prove a real asset in helping make it easy for everyone to sell their work, particularly the artists who live outside the US.

For more information on the course itself, visit: